About RTR

Transportation over water: safe and environmental friendly.


For transportation of your liquid substances and mineral oils, inland shipping is by far the safest option. Besides, ships use less fuel than lorries or airplanes. This makes it more environmental friendly and beneficial. So, there are enough reasons to choose for the Rotterdamse Tank Rederij if it’s about the transportations of your products by inland shipping.

If you choose for the Rotterdamse Tank Rederij, you choose for a young and strong company. The ship’s crew and our employees working at the office are experienced and well educated. Besides, they keep their knowledge about their field up to date through extra trainings. And because of this, we can guarantee you that the transportation of your valuable products will go fast, safely and with quality.


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Contact details

Rotterdamse Tank Rederij
Arie den Toomweg 37
3089 KA Rotterdam
The Netherlands
Portnumber 2680
3089 KA
Phone +31 (0)88 501 25 60
E-mail ops[at]rtrbarging.com


After hours +31 (0) 88 501 25 60
Barge operators 31 (0) 88 501 25 65/66/67
Demurrage/bookkeeping +31 (0) 88 501 25 64
Bookkeeping +31 (0) 88 501 25 61
Director +31 (0) 88 501 25 68