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Transportation of liquid cargo over the West-European waterways

The Rotterdamse Tank Rederij has a fleet consisting of both double- and single hulled barges with a loading capacity varied from 1.700 ton to well over 6.000 ton.
These barges are available around the clock to efficiently and safely transport your products to their destination. Besides, we are keeping an eye on the accompanying procedures to guarantee the quality.



Specialized in transportation of petroleum products

We are able to transport both mineral oils and light chemistry products with our ships, for example Naphtha, Methanol, Pyrolysis petrol and similar products.
The biggest part of our job consists of transporting Petrol, petrol components, Jet and Gasoil. The barges dispose of full equipment and a well-trained crew.



The area where we are active

Ships of the Rotterdamse Tank Rederij transport your products over the West-European waterways, from Maastricht to Den Helder, all ports and terminals positioned in the FARAG area, the Rhine and her side rivers and canals.
We feel strongly about safety and the environment and put everything at work to protect her crew and surrounding. The ship’s crew is well informed about our procedures.



Good communication

With Waalhaven as location, we are right in the heart of the port of Rotterdam. A big advantage of this is that we regularly get the chance to get on board to talk to the crew of the barges, because often our barges visiting refineries or terminals that are close to our location.

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Guaranteed quality

Rotterdamse Tank Rederij disposes of a Safety Team that is at home in the world of Ebis, Iso and TMSA. With this team we are working to aim higher, and our purpose is to deliver the best quality. We keep an eye on all aspects that have something to do with the transportation of petroleum products.

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Service RTR

Our service doesn’t stop at 5 p.m., but continues to work around the clock, 7 days a week. Our barge operators are constantly in contact with the ships and our customers to keep them both updated on the latest developments. Complete transparency to our customers is self-evident.

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Contact details

Rotterdamse Tank Rederij
Arie den Toomweg 37
3089 KA Rotterdam
The Netherlands
Portnumber 2680
3089 KA
Phone +31 (0)88 501 25 60
E-mail ops[at]rtrbarging.com


After hours +31 (0) 88 501 25 60
Barge operators 31 (0) 88 501 25 65/66/67
Demurrage/bookkeeping +31 (0) 88 501 25 64
Bookkeeping +31 (0) 88 501 25 61
Director +31 (0) 88 501 25 68